Louisville Mad Dash

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The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt Experience comes to the beautiful city of Louisville Ky!  Cashunt is a top ranked scavenger hunt company and is bringing all the fun, laughter and competitive game experience to the Louisville area!  We cater and customize to a wide variety of events from wedding parties to corporate team-building and everything in between, as well as general games for our casual players. Click on the logos below to see the games we will be offering in Louisville.

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2018 Team Results

Group Name Team Name Score
Zeon Chemical 9/18 Chemical Warfare       11,850
Bridal Dash 6/30 Piece of Cakes       10,550
Bridal Dash 6/30 Trigger Happy       10,350
Zeon Chemical 9/18 Elastomer Blasters       10,000
2018 Average       10,688
2017 Best       12,775
2017 Average       11,200

2017 Team Results

Group Name Team Name Score
Skills USA J-Law       12,775
Skills USA Sluggers          9,975
Humana Fairdale          9,575
Humana Sissy Bulldogs          9,425
Skills USA Bats          8,300
Skills USA Lou City          8,075
Elaine Jetton Dinner Club J-Law 8/19          7,300
Humana Clean Freaks          4,900
Elaine Jetton Dinner Club LouCity 8/19          3,625
2017 Average          8,217


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