Male vs Manual….the longest-running football rivalry in Kentucky.

On Saturday, November 18, 1893, the longest running, continuously played, high school football series in Kentucky, began: Male vs Manual.
male vs manual

In 1798 the Kentucky State Legislature authorized the creation of a college for young men to be built in Louisville. The school changed its identity on several occasions until finally, in 1856, the school split into two entities. One was the University of Louisville and the other was Louisville Male High School.

In 1891, Victor du Pont contributed $150,000 to enable the school board to buy the southeast corner of Brook and Oak Streets and to build two buildings. One year later, in October 1892, Du Pont’s Manual trade school, created to provide manual and trade training opened with an enrollment of 121 students.

In 1892 there was a new game being played on the east coast known as “college football.” The blue-collar kids from Manual embraced the game and on December 17, 1892, played a game against the Louisville Athletic Club. As far as this writer knows, this was the first high school football game ever played in the State of Kentucky.

The following year, the rivalry against Male High School began, the first game being played on Saturday, November 18, 1893. During the next 23 years the teams played 33 times and the event became one of the biggest sporting events in the state.

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